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Aticer is the first and biggest manufacturer and supplier of sewer cleaning equipment and toilet service equipment. We focus ourselves on the sewer cleaning and toilet service sector .Our main goal is the delivery of high quality products against a good price/quality rate and high quality service. We aim to create an attractive customer proposition and generate positive cash flow.

We believe that satisfied customers lay the foundation of a profitable organisation. Quality and customer satisfaction are only reached if our employees are motivated to offer the best possible products and services. Because of this, Aticer is very attached to long-term relationships, both with suppliers, customers and employees. By investing in relationships, Aticer is able to continue its services in optimal accordance with the customers' wishes for the last 20 years.





·      Sewer water jet systems with up to 50 different models suitable for operation in different sewer pipe lines for 100 mm diameter up to 2000 mm.
The high pressure pumps we use in our water jet systems are produced in Pratissoli Co in Italy which is one the market leaders in this filed.

·         Sewer stoppers from 50 mm diameter up to 2000 mm. suitable for check ups, cleaning, repairs and tests the plugs are built with high quality reinforced layers and produces in 2 different types of single size and multiple size plugs, which means that every plug can close off a range of pipe diameters.

·      SP pumps we manufacture the automatic self-priming pump, the hydraulic submersible pump and a variety of other pumps suitable for operation in 100 mm pipe lines up to 1000 mm.

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