IBAK Pegasus HD
IBAK Pegasus HD

Technical data
Product classification Pan and tilt camera
Inspection range DN 200 and up
Dimensions ø 120 mm / length 195 mm
Weight approx. 3,5 kg
Push operation no
Tractor operation yes
Upright picture control yes
Correctly oriented image -
Zoom 10x optical, 4x digital zoom optional
F (shutter) 1,8 to 2,2
f (focal length) (mm) 4,5 to 45
Lighting 8 white power LEDs, 6 white 5 mm LEDs for illuminating joint gaps
Light sensitivity (lux) 2,5 lux (F 1,8, 1/50 s)
Luminous intensity (lumen) 1600 lm
Protection class IP 68 
Permissible ambient temperature C - +40°C during operation; -30°C - +70°C for storage
Test pressure 1 bar
Pressure monitoring 2 integrated pressure sensors (LCD indicator and acoustic alarm in the control unit)
Aperture function manually, automatic, can be operated by remote control
Panning range +/-120°
Viewing range +/-150°
Angle of aperture approx. 60° diagonally
Angle of rotation Continuous
Sensor (inch) 1/2,5“
Integrated laser yes
Integrated detector trans­withter no
TV standard HD, Full HD
Focus function / range manually, autofocus „One-Push“, 1 cm – ∞, can be operated by remote control
Explosion protection optional
Image resolution (in pixels) horizontal 1920, vertical 1080